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It's your health, it's your time. 

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What we do

Imagine for a moment, if you could turn back the hands of time by 10 or even 15 years. How great would you feel? By supporting the genetic unfolding, the good gene would come alive again, which means optimum health is at your grasp. 

We offer personalized service to our clients that address the underlying causes of the conditions they face, in addition to alleviating their symptoms.

This is done by allowing Nature's medicine to correct the dysfunction of the Body/cell gene process. the path is chosen by one's individual questionnaire of the past and today's nutrition. As the dysfunction is unveiled, additional metabolic functional tests, lab panels ranging from systemic, GI (gut), blood chemistry, and hormonal, combined with methylation can be used to achieve optimum health. 

Issues Bio Wellness Center addresses and overcomes are as follows:

Arthritis, Coronary heart conditions, Irritable bowel disease, GI problems, Colitis, Migraine headaches, COPD, Low Back Pain Hormonal imbalances, Hyper and hypo Thyroid issues, Weight Gain, Macular degeneration, Sinus issues/ postnasal drip, Leg pains/restlessness, Sleeping problems, Shoulder pains, Brain fog/ short term memory problems, Shortness of breath, Adult acme, ADD ADHD, Diabetes, Leg and Feet Neuropathy, Depression, Restless Legs Syndrome, Reoccurring bladder infection, Prostate issues, Eyesight problems.

Who we are

We are partners in your wellness: providing an environment of shared-responsibility to find and maintain your true health vitality.

Imagine 10,000 years of medicinal history combined with the latest in today's medical research available to you.



About Bio Wellness


3-Tier Program Developed For You:

  •  Discovery of facts and needs

  •  Development of nutritional needs

  •  Teach and educate the what, why, and causes of health

Let Food Be Thy Medicine:
Sometimes the food that has been eaten for the past 10, 20, or even 30 years has corrupted our major organs and immune system function ability. The most powerful intervention for the prevention and treatment of disease is "Whole", "Foods." Yet our belief systems of the traditional style of treatment: drugs, surgery, and more drugs becomes ineffective. So where does one turn when that model fails?

We evaluate the root cause of your problem of sickness or lack of wellness, by restoring pre-genomic expression by utilizing diet, biologic enzymes, minerals, and natural herbal solutions. We believe your overall health should be taken care of by a thorough understanding of your unique genetics, health history, and your current situation.

We at the Bio Wellness Center develop your personal path of nutrition by the means of questionnaires, test panels, lab findings, and food nutrition comprehension to give you a direct path to your health. 




Your nutritional needs are as individualized as your thumb print. Time is taken to help you understand your specific needs.

Nutrition is achieved by way of foods and diet that support cellular, hormonal, and organ functions. This is turn initiates the removing of toxins from the body, restoring proper genetic balance, normalizing function of bodily organs, thus correcting the body deficiency, symptoms, and problems. 

Simply stating, removing the road blocks caused by incorrect food eating, and introducing proper cellular support, one's body can correct the disease process on its own.  

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Every piece of the process matters. It's not just supplements, nor is it just nutrition. It's a comprehensive approach which includes VIP consulting through wellness education, up-to-date technology and supportive accountability. Your VIP consult is devoted to your complete understanding of you. Our office visits are scheduled at 1 hour intervals. This time is intentional, designed to to educate and supply your needs with a full understanding and a definite plan to address your health. It's your health, it's your time. Our offices are headquartered in Baton Rouge, LA, with the capacity to serve anyone in the Americas, at each stage of the journey.